Plan the Ultimate (and Exclusive) Glamping Trip with Hipcamp

I first wrote about Hipcamp last year, when they were just getting started as a website for researching and booking camping excursions. Sort of like a fresh paint job for the outdated ReserveAmerica system. Now, Hipcamp has expanded their services to offer a first-of-its-kind “land sharing” program. Think of it as an Airbnb for private land, where you can find and reserve land on private properties typically not available to the general public.

While I have yet to visit one of these properties IRL, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research (and daydreaming) about what my first destination will be. Here are the sites at the top of my wish list, which I will be checking out and sharing with Glamped Out very soon!

Oz Farm - Hipcamp

Oz Farm: Since visiting the Andiron, I’ve always needed an excuse to return to Mendocino with its ample hiking trails, breweries, and ocean views. It appears as if Oz Farm might be just the motivation needed. The property is comprised of a smattering of cabins, campsites and yurts, and the rentals are spread across 230 acres of redwood groves and sweeping meadows. All in close proximity to hiking trails, river walks, and an organic vegetable farm. Sounds like my kind of glamping spot! Guests also have access to the community house with a fully equipped kitchen, the future crime scene of a memorable and mouth-watering glamping dinner.

Clear Creek Ranch - Hipcamp

Clear Creek Ranch: Just due east of Oz Farm you will find Clear Creek Ranch, situated near Mt Shasta. Nestled in a rugged canyon you will find everything the outdoor enthusiast could dream of: crystal clear water to float in, hiking/biking trails, and a few waterfalls sprinkled about. This might sound like an experience one could only encounter after hiking many miles, but luckily for those who are backpacking-adverse, you can drive straight to the property. At Clear Creek Ranch, you can enjoy all of the perks of a location tucked away deep in the backcountry, with none of the hard work required to get there. Sign me up!

Soul Food Farm - Hipcamp

Soul Food Farm: I’m clearly a big fan of glamping in wine country (exhibit A and B), so I’m always on the lookout for new spots. Soul Food Farm is in nearby Vacaville, set against rolling hills and lush trees. There are plenty of wineries just a short (and picturesque) drive or bike ride away. Back at the farm, if you need relief from the summer heat, the property has an olive orchard with plenty of shade. You can also pick as many fresh vegetables as your heart desires, perfect for making a glamping dinner to be accompanied by your newly acquired wine. According to Hipcamp, the meadow is the ideal location to “watch the sunset turn the hills into an orange gold that words truly can’t describe”. For those who want to avoid the increasingly popular Napa and Sonoma counties, Soul Food Farm could be the perfect alternative.

It sounds like I need check out each of these properties, stat! Until then, a big thanks to Hipcamp for the photos and inspiration. If you have a chance to go yourself, I’d love to hear about your experience, so drop a line in the comments section.

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