Following the Road to Oz

Earlier this year, when it was finally starting to warm up outside, we deemed it appropriate time to break out the glamping gear. We wanted to refrain from being too daring, however, as the chilly nights were not-so-subtle reminders that winter isn’t done with us just yet. With this in mind, we opted for a weekend getaway where we could enjoy the sunshine and great outdoors, yet have a warm roof to retreat to at night.


Enter Oz Farm, a property we found through HipCamp’s landshare system. Oz farm is located in Point Arena, just south of Mendocino, and only a few hours away from the Bay Area. There isn’t much to do in the area, which is a great excuse to just kick back and enjoy your surroundings. We stayed in the Rainbow Cabin, and as the name would suggest, many of the property’s landmarks are named after Wizard of Oz characters (the main road is aptly called “the yellow brick road”). Rightfully so, as Oz Farm is truly a special place. From the on-site organic farm to the river with an abundance of secluded sandy banks, you’ll definitely want to listen to Dean (Oz farm’s friendly host) when he suggests giving yourself ample time to explore and enjoy the property.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

To add to the magic of Oz Farm, our cabin was truly delightful. The properties at the farm are spread out, so we felt undisturbed and at peace. So spread out, however, that there is a bit of walk to get from your car to most cabins, so just keep that in mind when packing. Our cabin featured a large window located strategically behind the bed, perfect for leisurely stargazing as you drift off to sleep. A wood-burning stove keeps the cabin toasty warm, so you can visit any time of the year without needing hard-core cold weather gear. While there isn’t a bathroom in the cabin itself, the private outhouse is acceptable in terms of glamping criteria. And last but certainly not least, a wrap-around porch is perfect for an evening sunset cocktail.


If you want to cook your own meals, which I do recommend as the small town doesn’t have a ton to offer, there is a fully-stocked community kitchen on the property. You can even purchase produce that is grown on the property’s organic garden. If you are pining for something rustic without totally roughing it, then Oz Farm is your spot!

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