So, What IS a “Glamper”?

To some of you, you may associate the word camping with:


Or to others, it may be closer to:

Bear High Five

For me, it was definitely not the latter. It was my foray into “Glamping” (read: glamorous camping) that really got me to appreciate weekends in the great outdoors.

When I say Glamping, it is important to note that this does not mean shelling out thousands of dollars for someone to follow behind you ready to set up giant tents full of luxurious pillows and cooking three gourmet meals a day. My definition of Glamping is that camping does not have to be daunting, with a pre-requisite of expensive camping gear and extensive survival skills. For me, I learned that camping can be quite simple when you have the basics down and know the right places to go. And the right type of wine to bring.

So whether you are  a veteran backpacker, first-time Glamper or Eustace from the TV show “Mountain Men” (don’t ask me how I know this), read this blog to find delicious camping recipes, the best secret spots, sweet new equipment and more!

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