Yosemite: A Glamper’s Mecca

Whether you are a climber, veteran backpacker or first-time glamper, Yosemite will be your ultimate camping destination. I mean, what’s better than views like this (the infamous Half Dome):


No matter your skill level, there are trails for everyone. We hiked Nevada Falls, which is about 6-7 miles round trip and totally doable for any Glamper. Check out the scenery!


As the picture documents below, we were feeling great once we got to the top!


A note for Glampers- part of the merriment was brought on from these genius “Adult Juice Boxes” that were sold at our lodge’s general store. They come in every delicious frozen drink flavor possible- Margarita, Lemonade, Daquiri. They are best when frozen, but totally acceptable to bring as a hiking refreshment.

There are tons of campsites in Yosemite, but as a Glamper we splurged for the Yosemite View Lodge down the street from the entrance to the park. Every room opens up to a patio above a gorge, so you fall asleep to the gushing waters of the Merced River. Oh- and how could I forget the hot tubs that were perfect to end to a day of hiking!

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