Boothe-Napa: A Glamper’s Paradise

What could be more glamorous than spending a day wine tasting in Napa and then relaxing underneath sweeping trees with even more wine?

Enter the Boothe-Napa State Park. Situated right on St. Helena road in Napa, the campground is conveniently located among some of the major wineries including Schramsberg, Sterling and Rambauer.


It is advised to make reservations ahead of time, but if you call ahead and show up early on a Saturday morning you should be fine to set up your tent and hit the road to taste some delicious vino.


We went with a group of 5 people (including the Glynns, below, who inspired me to write this blog), picked up a couple (or ten) bottles of wine from our favorite wineries, and spent a luxurious evening watching the sunset and sipping pinot. Expert tip: marinade some veggies with Balsamic, Olive Oil, Basil and Black Pepper before your tastings, and cook them later for a full flavored meal that pairs perfectly with the wine!


Do you have any favorite recipes to pair with wine? Post them in the comments section and we can find a glamping alternative!

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