Festival Glamping

Festival season is in full swing, which means a whole new glamping potential is possible. I will admit, the idea of camping after an all-day festival never appealed to me, but I finally gave it a try at the Oregon Country Fair*Editor’s Note: Most of you probably haven’t heard of the Oregon Country Fair. Basically it is a “mini burning man” filled with great music, art, food and more all set in an enchanted forrest.

For my first festival glamping experience, I was definitely among great company. We arrived to an already set up campsite, complete with rugs (these can be old rugs that you no longer use, or cheap ones bought from a vintage store) to provide a nice dirt-free walking area, and chairs galore. And of course, some lanterns, tapestries and other decorations to transform the area into an outdoor living room.


And check out this tent! Glamping at its finest. The turquoise drape is actually recycled “old lady curtains”, but you can also find similar fabric at a crafting store. And the hanging parasols can double as shade protectant during the heat of the festival

.Fair Campsite

So, the perfect formula for festival glamping consists of: decorations, chairs, rugs and a glamped out tent. And of course some delicious beverages and sunscreen! Keep scrolling on for additional festival photos.


Blue Grass band performing right in front of our Fruit Stand booth.


Stilts everywhere!



Beautiful hand crafted masks.

Dragon Fair



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