Arroyo Seco Summertime

One of my favorite Glamping spots is tucked away in the Ventana Wilderness, close to Carmel Valley. Conveniently, there are a few small wineries nestled along the dirt road just as you begin to lose cellphone service and become immersed in the forrest. We stopped at the aptly named “Ventana Winery” which hosts their wine tastings in an old barn. Unlike the often fancy and overpriced wineries in Napa, Ventana was the perfect lowkey wine tasting. The tasting room worker explained that many of the white grapes used in Napa wines are actually grown around Ventana, which is probably why the wines were so delicious!

Wine tastings aside, Arroyo Seco Campground is an experience all on its own. Drive-in campsites mean you don’t have to lug equipment far, and each lot had enough space so you weren’t pitching a tent on top of your neighbors. The best part of Arroyo Seco Campground is its proximity to the river. A gorgeous  (although sometimes steep) 1-mile hike brings you to two perfect relaxation spots: a gorge that features giant rocks to jump on, or a hike down to a “private beach”. Since it is typically in the 80s in the summer, the cool river water is the perfect escape from the hot summer sun. And because most people opt to go to the easily accessible river near the entrance of the campground, the Gorge and “private beach” typically have only a few other people there.

ArroyoSeco Gorge

Arroyo Seco river.

Arroyo Seco1

Heading to the Gorge- attempting some Boogie Boarding!


Hiking back- post swimming all day.


So grab some wine on your way into Arroyo Seco, and soak up that summer sun!

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