Pools And Petroglyphs At The Caves

The bad news: the following glamping location is private property. The good news: I took pictures to share with you!

My boyfriend’s family has access to a hidden gem in the Los Padres National Forest, known as “The Caves”. A small cluster of cabins along with a freshwater pool are tucked among sweeping trees and sprawling mountains. So as you can imagine, this place is a haven in 90-degree weather (especially for a Bay area resident who is used to 60 and foggy this time of year!)


OK, enough of making you jealous. The true beauty of this site is reason behind why the property is known as “The Caves”.  A short hike uphill takes you to cave walls decorated with petroglyphs dating back to 500-1000 years ago from the Essellen Indians. Many experts even believe Los Padres contains some of the most extraordinary native rock art to be found in the entire world!


Since this location is so hidden, the petroglyphs are in surprisingly good condition considering their age.


It is believed that these handprints were inspired by a nearby rock formation that is known as “The Praying Hands”. Many of the Chumash cave paintings depict their culturally significant images such as the California wildlife.


I can’t share the location with you (mainly because as a sleepy passenger I have no clue how we even got here), but if you do some extensive Googling you might be able to find the location of one of these sites!

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