Stock Up: Glamping Essentials

Whenever I am glamping there are always a few essentials that keep the trip from crossing into the “roughing it” category. Below, I’ve compiled my favorites into one handy list. Stock up so you always have these items on hand before you leave! Glamped 1) Lip Balm You probably already have a go-to balm in your everyday bag, but make sure to also bring with you when glamping. Not only does it help alleviate chapped lips, but it is probably the only “makeup” you will apply when in the woods. I use Rosebud Salve which has a slight tint and is super moisturizing. 2) Dr Bronner’s There are a million uses for this stuff while glamping. Use it to wash your hands (bathrooms don’t always have hand soap), clean dishes, wash off dirt and more. Dr Bronner’s is organic, so you won’t be disturbing the environment if it gets on the ground. They come in handy travel-sized bottles with an array of fragrances, my favorites being lavender and almond. 3) Face Mist Some hard-core campers make fun of me for bringing this on a backpacking trip but face mist is so worth it IMO. It feels so great to spray on after a long day of hiking, it naturally hydrates your face and reduces oil production. I love this mist from L’Occitane. 4) Face Wipes Since a long hot shower is usually not an option, face wipes are a great alternative. I use one every night and morning to get rid of the dirt and oil buildup. You can also use to refresh after a sweaty hike. I prefer Yes to Carrots Cucumber wipes because they are natural and hypoallergenic. 5) Buff Scarf These things are great for both men and women. The slightly deceiving name aside, you can use this scarf for everything from keeping your neck warm at night, wiping sweat off your face, keeping your hair out of your eyes and more. Oh, and they add some style and personality to your “hiking attire”! Have other tips for essential glamping items? Let me know in the comment section!

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