Poler Stuff’s Camp Vibes

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Poler, a camping/lifestyle company, last time I was in Portland. Even luckier to find that their gear is sold online, so I don’t need to travel 8 hours north to shop (although that would likely be better for my wallet).

What first drew me into Poler was the slogan “camp vibes” embellished on the majority of their goods. These two simple words seem to embody everything that is great about glamping. The serenity, relaxation, the simplicity that comes with hanging out in nature.

Poler Stuff

Naturally, a few purchases were made. My favorites being the beanie and sweatshirt, perfect for those chilly nights by the campfire, and the hat which has the “camp vibes” slogan hidden underneath the brim. This makes for an excellent Instagram prop, as you can see in their colorful feed.


They also have some really great glamping tents with fun patterns, and the napsack (get it? “nap” sack!) sleeping bag which is basically a hybrid between a sleeping bag and snuggie. If you happen to live in Portland, check out their outpost at 413 SW 10th Ave. And if you aren’t, just go to polerstuff.com to check out their online shop. As if their whimsical products aren’t appealing enough, you get a free Camp Vibes hat with every order!

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